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Frequently Asked Questions: Family Child Care Unions

What is the result of the MLFCCA Survey of LFCC Providers on Unionization? Survey Results

Who is working to create child care unions in the state?

  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is working with family child care providers in Minnesota.  These organizations have no affiliation with Child Care Resources & Referral.
  • AFSCME's union of family child care providers is called Child Care Providers Together (CCPT) 
  • To see the communities covered see the AFSCME service area map: .

What will these union efforts mean for child care providers?
The unions have been visiting child care providers door to door to recruit members.  Union organizers have committed to :

  • Send out a postcard alerting child care providers to thier visit a week ahead of time
  • Ensure all union canvassers carry an I.D.
  • Knock quietly during nap time

A union representative offered me a postcard to sign.  What does the card mean?
Signing the postcard indicates support for the child care union. Child care providers who are interested in seeing a child care union move forward in Minnesota should sign card.  If you have signed a card and you do not support the efforts of the union it can be returned by sending your request in writing to

Is there any reason I need to sign this card?
No. Child Care providers are free to make their own choices free from pressures.

What will be done with these postcards?

If 500 child care providers sign postcards, the Union will recieve a list of providers recieving child care assistance.  If 30% of the child care providers on that list sign cards, a vote to unionize will occur. 

Wether you are for or against the unionization, it is important to vote.  A majority of only the returned ballots.

I signed a card in error; can it be returned?
Yes, put your request in writing using the contact information at the bottom of page or by emailing

What do these organizations hope to accomplish through unionization?

According to their leadership, AFSCME intends to support the providers in their professionalism and improve the quality of child care in the following ways:

  • Negotiate legal contracts with the state or county governments on providers' rights, reimbursement procedures, subsidy rates, health insurance, etc.
  • Represent providers in collective bargaining Endorse pro-child care candidates

    Who should I contact if a union representative does not carry an I.D. or gives me information that contradicts what I've read here
    Contact union headquarters using the information below and please contact

Where will union membership dues come from?
This is determined through a union membership vote.

Which states have family child care provider unions?
California, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin

To get more information contact the following links below:

Minnesota Child Care Union Information
A website supported by licensed family child care providers that decline to support organizing child care providers to a union. 
Includes blogs,  media updates and information that provides information on both sides of the union debate. 
Minnesota Child Care Union Information

AFSCME, Child Care Providers Together:
Adrienne Kern: 218-341-5962
300 Hardman Avenue South
South St. Paul, MN 55075




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